• Vidar is a required ship, so buy those bp when available from events.
  • Tier 9 vidar is useful as once completed Borg refinery basically becomes a shop for credits and faction points
  • Killing probes at higher level becomes much easier, and you get bonuses for have 8 transwarp each day, (2 tw in chest per day so if you have 6 in stock you get the bonus).
  • 2-3 runs a day with Moreua, Pike, Tlaan as crew and with max vidar you should be able to get max payload each trip. lower tiers will still provide a good haul.
  • Expect this to take until somewhere in the 30’s level unless you really spend time grinding. At lower levels if you can be bothered spending the time, spend the Transwarps for more probes on a weekly basis to speed up vidar upgrades.
  • Ferengi catch them if you can. These are great for stocking up on resources from transwarp 1million mines South of Fastolf.

Borg require a vidar, to get the vidar participate in events and buy the blueprints(bp). Events happen quite often during the cycles and it will take quite a few to get the 100 bp required. Do these even at lower level with the help of you alliance as the vidar unlocks some very useful refining.

Once you have them and build the vidar you will open up the Borg Refinery and will be able to transwarp to borg space. There are a couple of locations for transwarp to kil borg probes: Low level systems for starting out are Metra Alpha-Gamma systems at Level 25, and then opposite are the Benes Systems for slightly Higher level 26-27 systems. Level 28-31 are the transwarp gates that spread out from Panak and Unoma.


You need to kill borg probes in order to refine Inert Nanoprobes into Charged and Active Nanoprobes. These will help you update the vidar and promote Borg officers. In addition you can refine credits, faction points and the most useful Latinum Antiques.

Level 25-27 are tier 1-4 vidar material really, 4 you might depending on crew be able to start killing level 28 but I would recommend starting these from tier 5. Level 28-33 you should be able to do comfortably from tier 5-6, but dont expect to be killing too many at level 33. The most useful thing about being able to kill at least 1 is for Ferengi hunting.

You receive 2 Transwarp tokens a day from the Gift box, with a max of 8, if you have 6 when you take the gift to max out the transwarp, you also receive Nanoprobes daily. You should early on visit all the Borg Transwarp sites so that you can view them before jumping in. This will help with Ferengi hunting and is useful anyway.

Ferengi Hunting:

Ferengi dont appear often but they do appear in all Borg transwarp location, more often in the level 28-33 systems(at least they seem too).This is where being able to view the systems is useful. Two main methods of bagging a Ferengi they show up with a survey icon in system so are easy to spot verses the Borg probes battleship icon. These are random, but it is worth noting times/system that you get one, or someone else in alliance does. Rough guide, aim to get back to the system roughly 4 hours later and you increase the chance of getting one. Additionally check other systems at the time and an hour later as they do spawn in other systems. There are and additional 3 33 level systems in Romulan space that are worth checking.

  1. Go to one of the systems that the transwarp feed from e.g. Panak and then spot check each of the Borg systems periodically until you find a Ferengi, then transwarp in and hopefully get it before someone else.
  2. Enter a transwarp system and float about in system, centre seems to work best. Spot check the system periodically and attack when you see one. You can then kill more Borg for probes and leave the system, would recommend not taking the express train home when you have killed a Borg the antique should be protected by OPC, but better not to risk it.
  3. note times of kills and take a chance one will appear roughly 4 hours later. Check other systems for a Ferengi (4 x level 33 systems, 3 in romulan space near Arentar.

Refining Latinum Antiques:

Why you ask, simple answer is that these are Refined into a chance to get Lucrative Transwarp tokens(directive). Lucrative Transwarp of which there are a couple of Types:

1.Rare Latinum cell

2.Lucrative 3* transwarp cells

The second being the most useful of the two. It will give you access to 3 transwarp locations that will give you access to mines for Ore, Crystal and Gas starting with 1 million mines so have as big a survey ship cargo as you can before using.

The three systems off Fastolf are Mira, Forin and Perek these are Gas, Ore and Crystal in that order. Mines are 1million, and in protected space under 181 Senate ROE rules. So you can safely fill your survey ship and sit on a zero node. These get busy during or before Latrush events so go early if you want to try and rank, and you will until you visit each just have to risk it for a free mine. If there isn’t one available then leave your ship there until there is.

Borg Cubes:

Borg cubes are found out in Borg region of space out by the far reaches of Federation space. Borg cubes range from Level 25-40 the latter being the Mega Cubes.

Level 25 Armadas have a short timer about 4 minutes, Mega cubes have a longer one of the standard 15 minutes. At lower levels Mega cubes will just get you killed.

Level 25 uncommon Armadas cost 1 Borg Directive, Rare will be higher levels and cost you 4 Borg Directives. Mega Cubes will cost 10 Mega Cube directives.

For events Level 25 uncommon Armada’s are the easiest to kill, you don’t need vidar in the mix but it helps. I would say a minimum of 4 preferably with 2 vidar in the mix, but if not Battleships seem to last the longest. Try to have a combined strength of at least 1.5million but preferably nearer 2m and you should get a win.