Dealing with hunters in Unfriendly faction territory.

Three Methods:

  1. Attack and recall. Set your self up with enough space to attack the hunter, then hit recall/stop the hunter after a short period will stop.

2. We call it the ShyPop manoeuvre, enter enemy faction space, and wait for the hunter to start tracking you (red flashing ring around ship). Select a location that is at an angle towards the edge of the system (you want to make the hunter change course to intercept). When the hunter changes direction hit recall, and stop. The hunter should continue on it’s intercept course. After a couple of minutes the hunter should not be hunting you anymore. Ensure you do not move until the hunter stops flashing or is stuck on the edge of space.

3. Two ship method. Time entering the enemy system with two ships, the first being the one that will run, and the latter being the survey ship. You need to time them so they arrive within say 10-15 seconds(lower the better) of each other use the timers on the arrival time. Once both ships are in system hopefully the first has picked up a hunter and the second hasn’t. If thats the case just warp the first one out of the system and you should be hunter free on the second ship.