Daily Tasks

Depending on level, where you are in the game and the ships you have managed to get (particularly D’vor, Vidar, Stella and Franklin/A) will dictate the kind of daily things you need to or should try to do.


You need to mine daily your primary ore for the faction you are, or lower levels have some form of mining. Do these to get rewards daily, some people do more than required to either stockpile or spend on chests in refinery. This does get a little boring however, and mine wars can start because people don’t stick to ROE. However we have found that the rewards for refining 3 chests (at a greater cost) rarely gives any real benefit. So we suggest do a max of 2 if your feeling flush, but 1 a day will suffice. These will increase with faction level.


Swarms you need to do daily, they will get harder as you gain levels, and often the Franklin if you have it will sometimes not manage the higher levels. Revert to a combat ship (preferably battleship as they seem to fair better) to do the higher ones until you can tier your franklin to deal with the level. Use events to get more modules in order to tier, sometimes a hit and miss affair with battle debris, but everything helps.

Faction Kills:

You also need to kill for faction points, these vary, but basically just go do the kills and your done. While doing so if you also happen to find a scout kill those too for extra faction credits by trading in any messages you gather within the faction store. Scouts are easy to spot, the are always an interceptor and always travel a good pace faster than the other ships in system.

If you can’t do part of your dailies for some reason then leave them until you can. E.g. if it takes 7 trips to kill 10 higher level swarms then don’t kill the higher level swarms till you have something that can do it in a trip or two.

Research and Buildings:

Always try to do one research and one building a day. If you can’t due to resources, speedups or something else, you can leave them to rollover.


Scouts are generally in most systems, the higher the system generally the better the return look for the fast moving interceptors and kill these to hopefully get messages as part of a chest.


If you have the stella, then in order to progress in the rogue faction you need to spend credits which are gained from killing eclipse transports. You can use anything to kill transports, but the rewards are better with stella.While you are getting the stella use other ships to farm transports, it is worth the pain of the farming, and progress of Rogue is slow anyway. Also do eclipse armadas with others in your alliance to start building up armada credits as well for spending in store. Read the Rogue section

Stella/Rogue Tactics


Mine isogen 1 when you can as this will help with research. Any survey ship will do but Horizon and Meridian are fastest I have found. Meridian is a little harder as fast mining rate but poor OPC level so watch it if using Meridian.