Territory- raids

Territory Research and raiding (depending on whether you own territory or not) is an important part of the game.

Getting Isogen:

Getting Isogen 1* is easy enough as you can get from Rogue space and some other areas just outside Territory space. Getting Isogen 2* and 3* is a little harder as this is solely found in the Territories. If you don’t own territory often a hard thing to accomplish depending on the rules of your server then the only way to obtain Isogen 2/3* is to raid for it on OPC (Over Protected Capacity) survey/other ships within others territory.

This is worth doing on a regular basis, be aware you can only attack ships that are OPC, and you can be taken out in any territory at anytime. You also can’t see into territories before getting there, so you need to monitor and move quickly in order to make a successful raid. Once in a Territory location you need to find an OPC ship by clicking on them and looking at the rewards box and potentially scan to see how OPC they are. Once you have located a target you need to get to them, attack and leave the system as fast as possible all while not getting killed by any patrolling ships.

Territory Raids:

It is well worth spending some time visiting all the territory systems so that you have a map of what is in each of the systems, the layout basically repeats itself from a few templated system designs. Knowing which systems contain isogen, and of which type is useful for conducting raids. I conduct raids every day or on every couple depending on how successful previous raids have been. Meridian ships are good targets as they are often weak, and have a good payload. I tend to not attack ships with a low OPC as this alerts the alliance owning the territory to your presence.

Ideally start doing this as soon as possible to build up a pool of isogen even if you haven’t opened up the research yet, this should happen around level 24, but once opened an early start on refining the resources will be worth the effort long term. Finding ships you can hit, may prove difficult, but worth the effort. Lastly if you can you can acquire Isogen 2* from doing Armadas in territory zones. Perhaps ask a friendly alliance to do them, cost is only 20 directives, and have some ships to beat the Armada, while others try to maximise the resource by fighting with survey ships, or large capacity combat ships.


Once you have the isogen, you need to refine the resources for Isogen 1/2/3* and once you have done this enough you also need to refine the last option within the menu (name to follow) this gives you a number of resources used over time to do key research threads within Territory, the most useful of these being the Efficiency thread. These give you efficiency of raw materials, construction and ship upgrades. These basically reduce the cost of raw materials for upgrades, construction and research, even at low percentages can make a big difference.

For example I went from 1800 uncommon gas for a centurion upgrade to about 1600 uncommon gas with 1 research level of Efficiency for Ship upgrades. Doing this research will greatly cut down the cost of uncommon and other resources that always seem to take an age to acquire for ship upgrades or other construction.